Mycoplasma cough and what we're doing about it.

Mycoplasma cough is going around the Aberdeen area.

Mycoplasma is a bacteria, and that means your dog can get treatment from your veterinarian. Dogs kept in close quarters, such as when boarded, sharing toys and water at a dog park, or in daycare settings, can spread or catch mycoplasma cough. 

Your dog is very important to us. We're serious about that.

We encourage you, if your dog is regularly boarded, attends daycare, or has been around dogs with a cough, to speak to your veterinarian. Don't delay treatment. While this bacteria isn't uncommon and can be found in the flora of some animals naturally, dogs in various health and age situations can still suffer various symptoms and should be treated. Some dogs spread the bacteria without symptoms at all.

We're taking the mycoplasma issue seriously, and are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of disease.

  1. We regularly disassemble and wash and disinfect the kennels and surrounding area. 
  2. We also take other sanitizing and disinfection measures, not only for mycoplasma, but for other concerns that come when animals are exposed to each other (e.g. fleas).
  3. We've purchased additional equipment that we'll be installing in the shop to combat this bacteria.
  4. Because we do not keep dogs overnight, if the bacteria was present, it is not carried to the next day.

Because the health and safety of your animal matters to us, we spoke with a veterinarian for recommendations, and are in frequent communication to keep tabs on the situation. Based on that conversation, we are implementing a few additional protocols. We will be asking you:

  1. Is your animal regularly boarded at a kennel/daycare facility, around other dogs, and have they been so in the last three weeks prior to your appointment at the Dog Shop?
  2. Does your dog have a cough or symptoms of illness?
  3. Have you been notified that your dog has been exposed to animals with mycoplasma cough?
  4. Is your dog currently being treated by a veterinarian for mycoplasma cough?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, we may ask you to reschedule your appointment to a later date, once we are sure your dog is clear of any danger and not in recent contact with other dogs.

Please be honest with us: if your dog is around other dogs, we need to know. If you have an upcoming appointment and your dog has been exposed or has symptoms, please let us know so we can reschedule.

We also ask you to alert us if your dog develops a cough or is diagnosed with mycoplasma cough after being at the Dog Shop. We are carefully tracking this, along with the timing of additional cleaning protocols, because this issue is very important to us. Mycoplasma can be difficult to stop and it takes time for it to go away in an animal.

We know this is inconvenient, but the health of your dog, and other dogs, is important. We hope to help stop this from continued spread in the community.

If you have an appointment already scheduled and wish to cancel over concerns, we understand. Please let us know and we will cancel your appointment.


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