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The Importance Of Restoring The Skin And Coat

Maverick loves those ozone bubbles! (Photo used with permission.) The skin is the largest organ, but we don’t always take great care of it.  That goes for our pets, too. While we want to be sure they’re clean, given a great-looking haircut, and have their nails trimmed, it’s easy to miss looking deeper, under that hair, to the skin beneath. As an owner of many animals (including quite a few dogs!), I know the frustration clients feel when their dog is suffering from skin irritation. Redness, flaky or scaly dry areas, bald patches from constant scratching to the point of bleeding, oozing hot spots, infections, chewing on feet—I’ve seen it all.  One of the reasons I made the move from thirty years as a veterinary technician to my own dog grooming business was that I wanted to offer a different approach to my clients. Dog grooming was booming, but what kind of service was being provided? Cute haircuts, or a focus on skincare and comfort? When you get the latter in place, the former is a b

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