October is National Pet Wellness Month


October is National Pet Wellness month. You may notice some signs and other information at your regular vet clinic about the various promotions and educational programs that go along with the event.

When people don't feel so great, we can tell someone or take action to deal with the issue. Our pets, however, can't always tell us when they aren't feeling up to par. So, we thought we'd chime in on a few things to keep in mind for a healthy pet.

First, regular visits to the vet for wellness checks might be part of your approach. Most pet owners are motivated to get their pet to the vet by the reminder for a rabies vaccination that's coming due, but do talk to your vet if you are considering twice a year or some other schedule.

Having an annual or biennial bloodwork done on your pet is a good way to set a start level for your pet's health records. Any changes in future tests are easier to notice when there's a history of past test results.

Be proactive about pests and parasites. As always, we recommend using flea and tick medications to avoid the problems those kinds of pests cause.

As with humans, plenty of exercise and mental stimulation is good for pets. Whether that means walks with your dog or finding creative ways to get your cats to play and stay active, it's important to pet health. Rotate your pet's toys so they don't get too bored. Play with your pet. Some animals (especially dogs) struggle with separation anxiety, so it's important that you spend time with them.

Regular grooming is good for their coat and skin, avoiding problems caused by things such as mats or other skin issues that may go undiscovered unless there's regular grooming.

Taking care of their nails, and brushing their teeth are also crucial to pet health. Bad teeth cause more damage and discomfort than many owners realize, affecting an animal's ability to eat and get necessary nutrition.

Most importantly, keep an eye out for any changes in behavior or visible health. Changes in habits, disinterest in eating, and so forth can be a sign that something isn't right.

If you have questions about grooming options, teeth cleaning, nail trimming, baths, or de-shedding services, contact us and we can help. We also have several products for pets that contribute to their health and comfort as well.


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