Keeping the shop safe, clean, and calm


Keeping things clean and sanitary at the shop has always been a top priority, even before 2020 showed up with all of its glory. We wanted to update you on some of what we're doing and tell you about some new tools we are using.

First, we recently got a UV cleaner, and we love it! 

New UV cleaning oven :-)

With this system, we use UV light to effectively sanitize without the use of chemicals. This prevents bacterial and fungal infection between animals. This works great on our tools, as water and other cleaners was hard on them. We also clean our blades ultrasonically on a regular basis for extra precaution.

Speaking of cleaners being hard on things...because bleach is somewhat toxic and can be a respiratory irritant to animals, we use a natural disinfectant. It contains thyme and other powerful natural ingredients that are pet safe, and better for everyone who comes into the shop.

It's not just about keeping the shop clean, though. We want your pet to experience as little stress as possible while here. 

We have several Adaptil wall plug-in devices that disperse a calming pheronome throughout the shop. This pheronome is one that mothers put off when they nurse their young, and has a calming effect. We also use that pheronome on the towels for any animal that is stressed. If you're interested in knowing more about this product, please talk to us the next time you're in.

As always, we have lots of great items available! We carry a variety of other natural pet products, such as pet essential oils and high quality shampoos. We also have a nice selection of pet odor candles with great seasonal scents. The next time you're in, take a look and feel free to ask us questions!


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