February is National Pet Dental Health month.


Whether you're a person or a furry critter, taking care of your teeth is important to overall health.

We have regular visits to the dentist, but we often forget to do the same for our pets.

Poor oral health in your pet can lead to not only discomfort for your pet, but also real illness. Tooth decay makes it difficult for your pet to eat. An abscessed tooth is extremely painful for your pet, and can also contribute to eating and subsequent nutrition difficulties. Additionally, poor oral health can lead to bacteria in the blood stream and even heart disease.

We often don't notice it until our pet stops eating or seems to struggle while eating. Perhaps bad breath alerts us to a problem. A better approach is to make oral health a part of overall health concern, something you regularly check or take care of.

There are some things you can do at home, such as using pet dental care products you find in a pet store. We do not recommend using any product not specifically intended for your pet. Some products are toxic to cats and dogs, so be sure they are specifically formulated for use with animals. You can also feed them high quality food intended for them, as well as treats that are designed to promote better oral health.

If brushing your pet's teeth is stressing them out, we can help you here at The Dog Shop.

While we have the tools and optimal products for brushing your pet's teeth here at The Dog Shop, that's not a substitute for an actual oral health checkup. Regular visits to your veterinarian should include dental health checkups along with the rest of your pet's regular wellness visit.

Animals with clean teeth live longer lives.


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