Regular grooming and the magic of rebooking

We encourage regular grooming for your dog.

"Sure you do..."

Nope. That's not just a business ploy. We have some pretty good reasons that show how regular grooming will make things easier for you and your dog in the long run.

1. Your dog becomes accustomed to grooming.

Grooming doesn't have to be a stressful time, but it can be for a dog not used to being around the noise and activity. Regular appointments help your dog acclimate to the whole process and get used to being around other dogs. Your dog's stress and anxiety level is reduced.

2. Your dog requires fewer or shorter visits.

Regular grooming can sometimes actually help cut down on the amount of visits, or at the very least, the time required to groom your dog. The coat is maintained, mats aren't building up, and your desired haircut (even if it grows out a bit) is easier to touch-up than start over from the ground up.

Shorter grooming sessions are also a win for your pooch in the stress department.

3. No more home groom horror.

Well, we've all done it. 

We've all grabbed whatever tools we had to fix a scraggly dog. Clippers, scissors, sheep shears, tears... whatever works. And then we are maybe a little embarassed to take Toto out and about in Kansas.

Regular grooming keeps your dog looking sharp, even leading up to the next appointment, without the home-groom horror.

4. Grooming is more than a cute haircut. It's about health.

We have a little saying that we use when working with all clients animals: humanity over vanity. That is, our first concern is a comfortable and healthy animal.

What does that mean? 

Regular grooming can expose or alert you to health issues that may have gone unnoticed under the hair. Fleas, ticks, infections, bumps, and other concerns sometimes lurk there. And let's not forget mats, and their potential for discomfort and harm. Some dogs have coats that are tricky to maintain and tend towards mats. Mats that work their way down to the skin can cause sores and are painful.Plus, we offer sanitary trims, which is when we clip around your dog’s fanny for sanitary purposes.

Which, I think you know, can get pretty messed up sometimes.

Regular grooming can also include regular nail trims, anal gland expression, and toothbrushing, which are important factors in your dog's health. 

5. You benefit, too.

Admit it. You like a how your freshly washed dog smells so much better than a dog fresh from the water five months out from a grooming appointment. Plus, a regularly groomed dog doesn't create so much mess at home. Less hair, shedding, and stinky dog. 

It's a win for everyone.


So when is the best time to book your next grooming appointment? 

Easy. The best time to book your next appointment is when you pick your dog up from the current appointment.

Or, even better, we can set up recurring appointments for you on a schedule that works for you or is recommended for your breed of dog. Contact us and let us know if you're interested in setting up recurring appointments, or just booking ahead for the rest of the year.


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